Digital Games

Reality Check: ( This game made me realize how not all news are true ,and how to differentiate between true and false news. It was interesting , but all missions were similar so I got bored.

There’s a party going on: ( this game was not from my favorites , i actually expected it to be more fun and interesting ,it was more like a story but it was boring.

Sleep Deprived Mom Game: ( At first when i found out it would be 21 pages , i lost interest but when i started playing I loved it , its very interesting and simple.

Branching Game: ( it was very long, at first it was interesting then the fact that i have to choose the right answer and to figure which one is it , made it boring because i dont have a choice in the game.

Spent: ( ) I played this game more than one time and i never reach anything , its very difficult , but it actually makes you feel that u have limited money and you have to sacrifice things for others.

Syrian Journey: ( personally this was my favorite , maybe because i survived it from the first time or maybe because due to the fact that i lived in sytia i am somehow biased a little towards it. But i loved this game.

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